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  FLights to Zimbabwe Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance can only be sold to those clients arranging their travel arrangements with Flights to Zimbabwe.  Travel Insurance MUST be purchased within 14 days of making your confirmed booking.
Worldwide Single Trip Policies Premiums quoted in £’s.

  Adult Child (2 - 17 yrs)
 Up to 5 days 24.68 12.34
 Up to 10 days 37.60 18.80
 Up to 17 days 43.48 21.74
 Up to 24 days 49.35 24.68
 Up to 31 days 59.93 29.97
Worldwide Annual Multi Trip Policies
Single: £98.10  Family, based on 2 adults & 2 children: £163.90.
Maximum stay on any one trip, 31 days. Excludes Cruise cover. Rates on request.
Age Limits:

Single Trip Policies;
-    can be sold to those under 66 at the date of travel at standard premium
-    can be sold to those aged 66 to 69 at the date of travel x150% of the standard premium. Europe only. 
-    can be sold to those aged 70 to 75 at the date of travel x200% of the standard premium. Europe only.
Annual Multi Trip Policies;
-    can be sold to those under 66 at the date of policy commencement.
-    no cover for persons aged 66 and over
All above policies are only available to persons resident in the United Kingdom or Channel Islands at the time of purchase.
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
This policy will not cover anything other than what is clarified and has the following exclusion for you to be aware of within the policy wording. If you are unsure then please request a copy of the policy wording.
Please note that this policy will not provide cover for the following conditions:-
  1. Heart/circulatory related condition (e.g. hypertension, heart attack or stroke), arterial disease, kidney disease, respiratory condition (excluding well controlled mild asthma), cancer or cancerous condition.
The policy also excludes claims where the insured person or anybody upon whom their travel is dependant.
  1. has been hospitalized, received advice, medication or treatment in the twelve months prior to the booking of the policy,
  2. is on a waiting list awaiting further treatment or investigation,
    has been given a terminal prognosis
  3. is traveling specifically to seek medical advice or treatment
    or is traveling against medical advice.
Schedule of Charges
 Description Cover (per insured) Excess
Cancellation & Curtailment Up to £2990  £40
Catastrophe Up to £490 £40
Medical Expenses (inc. Emergency Repatriation) Up to £5,000,000 £65
Hospital Benefit £10 per day  up to £490  Nil
Mugging £40 per day  up to £1,000 Nil
Personal Effects & Baggage
    Single Item Limit
    Valuables Total Limit
    Travel Documents
    Delayed Baggage
Up to £1,490
Up to £240
Up to £90
Personal Money
Cash Limit
   Cash Limit (age under 18)
Up to £490
Travel Delay  £10 for first 12 hr.
period, £10 each 12 hr.
period thereafter
up to £90 
Holiday Abandonment Up to £2990 £40
Hijack £50 per day  up to £1,000  Nil
Missed Departure Up to £240 £40
Personal Accident
  Perm. Total Disablement
     Loss of Limb (s) or Sight
      Death (age under 18)
Max. Benefit £15,000
Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 £240
Legal Expenses Up to £15,000 £240
Scheduled Airline Failure Up to £3,000 Nil
Winter Sports Cover
The following benefits are only available when additional winter sports premium is paid, or when Annual Multi-Trip cover is effected:
 Description Cover (per insured) Excess
Ski Equipment (Owned)
       Single Item Limit
        Hired Items Limit
Up to £490
Up to £150
Ski Hire £30 per day up to £290 £40
Ski Pack £50 per day up to £190 Nil
Piste Closure £30 per day up to £290 £40
Avalanche closure upto £190 £40
Please read all aspects of the insurance cover above. If you are unsure about any condition please ask. Complete policy wording available on request.
Baggage Allowance
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Zimbabwe General Information
Flag Coat of Arms
Name Republic of Zimbabwe
Capital Harare
Official languages English
Demonym Zimbabwean
President Robert Mugabe
Area 390,757 km² (60th)
Population 13,010,000
Currency Dollor ($) zwd
Timezone UTC +2
Calling Code +263
Internet TLD zw