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Is Air Zimbabwe bankrupt?

No, Air Zimbabwe has not filed bankruptcy. It is seeking help from Govt and recent developments show that they may be bailed out. Usually if an airline files bankruptcy, the liquidation proceedings are used to pay back the clients/passengers. Since AirZim was not ATOL protected, there is a lot of confusion as to what will happen to refunds.

When will Air Zimbabwe start operating again?

Even though there is hope for the airline, there is a lot of conspiracy towards shareholding and ownership. It cannot be estimated by Travel agents as to when they will start operating. They started operating after initial strikes were over in 2011, but went under in Summer. Several times they started operations and ended up cancelling flights due to internal complications.

I am an Air Zimbabwe passenger waiting for my refund, when will they refund my money?

All Air Zimbabwe tickets are still awaited for to be refunded since April 2011.

The airline management has assured the travel agents a couple of times that they are keen on resolving internal problems to start disbursing money, but are short on finances. Since the finances were crippled due to interrupted flight operations, there was no new stream on funds available to be paid to clients. The money lies with Air Zimbabwe as agents pay them in advance to issue tickets. Such refunds will be paid back to agents so that they can forward the refunds to clients.

Are any leading airlines flying to Zimbabwe?

Recently, Emirates, the airline industry giant jumped in to help cater the untapped clientele left unattended after the Air Zimbabwe debacle. It is the only airline of its kind that flies out of 6 UK airports. It has been a very positive experience for travel agents as well as a great adjustment for passengers. The world class airline has shown once again why it is one of the leading carriers and has been successful in meeting client needs for Zimbabwe bound passengers.

Moreover, South African Airways has been the largest carrier of Zimbabwean passengers especially in absence of the direct flights with Air Zimbabwe.

Ethiopian Airways also has been a shareholder for flights to Zimbabwe. Their 5 weekly flights enable passengers to find urgent flights when needed.

Kenya Airways and KLM cannot be overlooked. They code-share to operate and cater for Zimbabwe passengers. KLM also flies out of multiple airports from UK.

Transit visa for indirect flights to Zimbabwe

Passengers need to contact their consulate if they are unsure about these requirements. Usually, Zimbabwe nationals do not require any transit visas. There are occasions when British nationals want to go visit and enjoy the scenery and natural locations in Africa, but they are not aware of entry restrictions in some African cities/countries. It is necessary that passengers enquire with their consulate about such requirements before making payments for flights.

Can we book accommodation hotels in Zimbabwe from U.K

Yes, flightstozimbabwe.co.uk has experienced holiday consultants who can swiftly search for accommodation for your travel needs and help you find a suitable place to stay on your trip to Zimbabwe. Hotel prices vary similar to flight prices. Peak and off-peak seasons have different prices. Booking well in advance is suggested to ensure you get a good deal.

How much luggage is allowed with indirect flights?

Several airlines operate to Zimbabwe, Emirates (on selective flights and fares) offers 40 KG luggage plus 7 kg hand carry. You can call our experienced travel agents to find out which airline is available for the best price and additional luggage. KLM and Kenya Airways are also among those airlines that allow very generous luggage. KLM allows 2 pieces of 23KG each and an additional hand luggage of 7KG. Similarly Kenya Airways also allows 2 bags of 23KG each.

Can I change the name on the ticket for a flight to Harare?

No airline in the world allows a change of name on tickets. The tickets are non-transferable. There are various reasons behind this stipulation. One of them is the security protocol for airport securities and identity theft. The anti-terror security protocols are very clear and in this age of increased risk, no airline can afford to be involved in such possible cases of identity change/theft.

What is the best time to travel to Zimbabwe

If you are looking for good prices, you need to book at least 4 months in advance. You must pay in full when booking in order to ensure you secure the fare. The fare may change on a reserved seat if airline changes the price or if Govt. taxes increase. Sometimes clients have a misunderstanding about booking against deposits. You must ensure your agent tells you the exact due date and possibility of change in fare. Deposits do secure your seats and your names appear in airline database for booked flights, but until full payment is made, any increase in fare/taxes has to be borne by passengers.

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